Inside Thoughts on Ways to Give to the Hungry

Please be mindful that dietary needs don’t disappear with poverty.

There should be no pressure in giving. Please keep giving food as you’ve been. These are not complaints; they are realities. I did a lot of thinking about what our large family full of dietary and allergy issues has gone through in food bank situations. So if you’d like to go the extra mile to help others Continue reading Inside Thoughts on Ways to Give to the Hungry

Honor Your Teen (Off-SPRING Showcase 2016)

Due Date is Extended to February 14th and submissions will be accepted from around the USA since there have been no NJ responses. Original Post Below:

Parents and Guardians, honor your teen offspring by showcasing their compassionate action in Spring 2016.  HRP will run one showcase per Sunday for up to six weeks, beginning on March 20th. Submissions for Teen Off-SPRING Showcase 2016 will be accepted only between January 3rd and January 31st. There are no reading fees.

Compassionate action can include special activity within family, neighborhood, school, or community volunteer work, and whatever you think may fit this criteria. Stories will be chosen based on content and location. (We will not be publishing all stories from the same NJ U.S. location unless we get all stories from the same location.)

Teen Off-SPRING Showcase Rules:
450-750 word max/ included in e-mail body. (Do not send as an attachment.)
Include “Off-SPRING 2016” in the e-mail subject line.
Story must not be previously published.
Send only one photo as an attachment. (Additional photo will be requested upon acceptance.)
The story must be relevant to New Jersey, and you must be a resident in USA.
The story must be about a teen, age 13-19.
Include your (parent/guardian) name, teen’s name, town, and state.
Optional: Include any relevant links, social media, links to previously published articles about your child, or organization affiliation if applicable.
Be sure you have permission to publish or to link to any information you send.

No fees.
Submissions for Teen Off-SPRING Showcase 2016 will be accepted only between January 3rd and January 31st.
Send to Sue at


Our Santa Story

A Submission by Tina Korotky of Toms River…

Lately, when I look around at the world I see a lot of uncertainty, greed, pain, and horror stories that sometimes make me lose faith in humanity.

Over this past week, not only has my faith been restored in humanity, but it has been restored in the spirit of giving during a holiday season.

Continue reading Our Santa Story

Toms River: First Night Item Collection 2016

Stock up now! We are pleased to announce that Humanity Refresh Press will once again be able to partner with local community for a Jersey Cares collection. We will pick up the items you have collected for their First Night Kit Program.

The items you collect will benefit domestic violence shelters, transitional housing facilities, runaway safe havens, foster homes and other agencies with transitional populations in need of hygiene items on the first night of their stay. -Jersey Cares

How to Participate and When

HumanityRP will collect the requested items from Toms River residents or small businesses on weekends between January 2nd and March 5th. We cannot take used items. When you have collected the equivalent of about 8 shoe boxes, please contact Sue at to schedule your pick up.

What to Collect (any of the following/new only):

  • shampoo

• conditioner

• lotion

• toothpaste

• toothbrush

• deodorant

• comb

• note pad and pen

• calling card (5 minutes or more)

• pajamas (sizes for children and adults)

• T-shirt

• socks

• underwear

• gallon size zip lock bags

• small toy (for children’s kits)

For complete information about this program, please visit
Jersey Cares.

Thank you for your help.

Compassion Water

If you’ve had nothing to drink but bitter, trash ridden water, would you drink a bottle of clean spring water when available? I think most would say yes. But still, many of us hang on to bitter emotions when the opportunity to grab hold of compassion for ourselves and others is readily available. It’s a human thing. Also human, are the abilities to learn, to reason, to grow, and to love.

If you have bitter, trash ridden water and fresh spring water, which one will you be serving today?



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